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FAQs About Home Sewing Machines

When looking to buy a sewing machine, you should ensure that you limit your choices to only the high-quality models. They will allow you to complete your sewing projects without presenting problems. However, there are still some instances where you may experience issues with sewing machines irrespective of quality. Some frequently asked questions and helpful solutions are highlighted below.

Why Is My Sewing Machine Making Too Much Noise?

Your sewing machine can begin to make loud noises during operation, which is usually quite worrisome. There are various causes of the problem. The most common one is that the machine needs maintenance. You should discontinue operating the machine as soon as you notice any unusual noises, power it off, and inspect it to determine the problem. Check whether there is lint buildup or other debris under the needle plate and remove using a brush or blower. Depending on the machine type, you may also need to oil it.

Why Is My Machine Not Making Stitches?

When your sewing machine is not making stitches, the first thing to check is whether it is well threaded. Refer to the manual on how to tread the machine correctly. Also, confirm that you are using the correct needle and it is inserted correctly. The needle should not be bent or blunt. The size of the spool cap may also cause the problem. If that is the case, make sure you replace it with one that has the correct size.woman sewing

Why Did My Sewing Machine Suddenly Stop Working?

After using the machine for a long time, especially at low-speed settings, it is likely to switch off to prevent itself from overheating. It is a safety feature that nearly all modern sewing machines have. The solution is to turn off the power supply and wait for a few minutes to allow the motor to cool down. If overheating is not the problem, ensure that the power cord is properly plugged in and the fuse has not blown out.

Why Does the Needle Keep Breaking or Getting Bent?

The most common reason for needle breaking or bending is prolonged use or running over a hard object such as a pin. It might also be because of pulling the fabric while you sew. You should also ensure that the needle is inserted correctly.