Why Shift to an Electric Toothbrush

Are you still using the old manual toothbrush? It’s about time to level up and change it to an electric toothbrush.

More Effective at Plaque Removal

An oral cavity that is less clean can contain bacteria that can reach as 1 billion per tooth. Teeth that are not clean can be characterized by plaques on the teeth. This means that when plaque formation is starting, obviously, you must have plenty of bacteria in your oral cavity.

An electric toothbrush, with its oscillating and vibrating motions, makes it more effective in removing plaques than when brushing manually. In this case, e-toothbrushes are better in ensuring better oral health.

brushingEnhanced Gum Health

Aside from cleaning our teeth and making them as white as possible, using an electric toothbrush can also result in healthier gums. E-toothbrushes have pressure sensors so that you may know it you are pressing too much on your gums. Studies show that with three months’ use of an electric toothbrush, gingivitis is reduced. You may also brush your tongue for an overall mouth clean-up.

Improved Focus While Brushing

One reason why electric toothbrushes are more useful is that you are more focused while brushing. For sure, you will be trying to brush every tooth as much as you can. This will result in cleaner and whiter teeth.

You may only know that it is time to stop brushing when the timer tells you so. An e-toothbrush has a built-in timer that will let you know that you have brushed your teeth long enough.

Suitable for Orthodontic Appliances

Individuals with orthodontic appliances, such as braces, should shift from the traditional toothbrush to an e-toothbrush. This is because the chances of plaque formation may be increased. With the oscillating and vibrating motion of electric toothbrushes, plaque formation can be prevented while attached bits of food can be ably removed.

Fun for Children

While children should always brush their teeth because of the many sweets that they are eating, they may not relish the idea of brushing when you tell them so. Introduce to them electric toothbrushes. For sure, they will have a fun time while doing this oral hygiene requirement.


More Environment-Friendly

When using traditional toothbrushes, it is advised that you change it every 3-4 months. The same is true with an electric toothbrush. The difference is that you have to throw away the whole toothbrush when using a manual toothbrush while you only throw the head with an e-toothbrush.